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Imagine This (September 27 - October 26, 2014)

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Imagine asking artists, already known for their beyond-the-boundary imaginations, to create something new and cutting-edge, something that takes them out of their comfort zone and into a new dimension of their art. Well that's exactly what the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) asked their 200+ exhibiting artists to do for their Fall Show, Imagine This. And if it has viewers scratching their heads and asking that enduring question, "What Is Art?" -narrative pieces will accompany the work. If you've ever wondered what an artist was thinking, this might be your opportunity to gain some insight.

Juried Smart Device Show (September 27 - October 26, 2014)

And the international juried Smart Device show explores imagination and creativity through the emerging technologies of the smart phones that we carry with us day and night. 200 works will be displayed on large screens.

Imagine This Winners:

Installation & New Directions in Photography (September 27 - October 26, 2014)

[Mother Earth by Dalit Gurevich]
The Ground Floor gallery will be completely transformed by the dozen giant site specific installations, some with sound or video, some interactive. A separate photography section explores the new directions photography has taken.

Art in Clay II (September 27 - October 26, 2014)

Art In Clay II: Figuratively Speaking explores ceramics, evolved from their utilitarian roots and reinvented by regional artists as exciting, innovative contemporary art. Juried by Lily Wei, art critic, independent curator and contributing editor of Art News, it is a stunning show of 50+ pieces.

Art in Clay II Winners:

Red Hook International Film & Video Festival (September 27 - October 26, 2014)

Each year the Red Hook International Film festival gets bigger and bigger. And this year, rumor has it, it will be held upstairs!

Apply to the festival here.


July 26 - August 17, 2014  Color

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Pablo Picasso: I want to know one thing. What is color?

Come see for yourself how artists from all around the country have responded to the challenge "What is color?" - in large scale installations, works on canvas, assemblage, photography, mixed media, fabric art and sculpture. 100 pieces were selected out of the 1740 submissions received, by esteemed juror, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Assistant Curator, Lauren Hinkson.

Says Hinkson of her experience jurying the show:
The submissions for Color span a wide range of media and subject matter with some artists embracing a bold and vibrant color palette while others took the title of the exhibition as a point of departure to explore the notion of color conceptually. Many of the paintings manifest strong links to historical styles such as gestural abstraction or photorealist painting. The installations and sculptures reflect an expressive use of materials that sometimes reveal humorous or poetic underpinnings. The final exhibition highlights the high quality displayed in all of the submissions while representing the diversity of these sophisticated and intelligent works.

At the opening ceremony on Saturday, July 26th at 3PM, a $1000 award for Best in Show Gold will be selected and presented by Hinkson. Additional prizes to be awarded are the $500 Best in Show Silver, a Curator's Choice of $250, and ten $100 Certificates of Recognition. And in keeping with BWAC's 36 year commitment to diversity and participation - the opportunity for visitors to be part of the conversation and vote for "People's Choice."


July 26 - August 17, 2014  Out of Order

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200+ local artists will be showing work that addresses turmoil at any scale, geopolitical and personal crises alike. The show will contain works critical and comical, traditional and digital, flat and 3D. There is a special juried section World Out of Order, where Problems such as homelessness, poverty and hunger are addressed and 25% of the sales will be donated to charities.

The opening day reception will be an all-day Meet-and-Greet with the artists; there'll be some special libations from Cocktails with Chocolate, and live music by jazz vibraphonist /marimbist, Stefan Bauer and Voyage.

Special events are planned for each day of the show, including Saturday film programs and the weekly Sunday series of concerts, UnPlugged in Red Hook. And, on August 9, a very special special event, screenings of Sweet Dreams - an inspiring award-winning documentary about female drummers and an ice cream shop in the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide. There will be drumming performances, a live podcast with the filmmakers and free ice cream from Blue Marble.


April 26 - June 1, 2014  Wide Open 5

The first floor features a juried show with cash prizes to be judged by Pauline Pobocha, an assistant curator at MOMA. Only one hundred pieces were chosen by the curator from the eighteen hundred submitted. All media were considered and the artists were asked to explore the concept of “Wide Open” with all that might imply with regard to medium, expression, composition, experience, dreams, reality or however the artist wanted to interpret it. One of the largest pieces in the show is by Betsy Bannen, an artist from Virginia who will show “Fabulous Installation,” a twenty-one foot-wide piece with dozens of oil-painted panels arranged to look like a fish.

Wide Open 5 Winners Announced

Outer Limits Auction Winners List

Outer Limits Opening Day Photos courtesy of Robin George:


April 26 - June 1, 2014  Outer Limits

The second floor features and show with the work of over two hundred artists on display, also in various media. This spring’s theme is “Outer Limits,” that is, exploring beyond the boundaries into fantasy, science fiction or the artist’s psyche itself. Painting, drawing, print, sculpture, photography, assemblage, installation and fabric will all be on display and for sale. You might see some visitors circulating in themed costumes and there have even been whispers that a giant robot will be in attendance on opening day.

Check out a discussion with Donato Giancola. Interviewed by KMO on stage at BWAC.


September 21 - October 2, 2013  Unhinged

Unhinged, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s Fall Group Art Show presents one open show and three juried shows in one sweeping exhibition. 

Presented in the Ground Floor gallery is a national juried show of 100 pieces, selected from 1100 submissions by artists all around the country. N. Marshall Price, Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art at the National Academy
Museum and sole juror of the show says:

In selecting the works for Unhinged I was not only looking for a variety of mediums and approaches to various subjects but also artists who approached traditional mediums in new and creative ways.

Expect the unexpected in the variety of materials and techniques used by artists who were chosen for their originality and expertise – e.g., check out the giant interactive lego construction.

On the second floor, is a different version of Unhinged, open to all BWAC exhibiting artists who have something to show and say.  You be the judge of this narrative show that marries visual art with the written word.  If you’ve ever wondered what an artist was thinking, this might be your opportunity to gain some insight. 200 artists will be exhibiting works in every medium, from the traditional to the cutting edge. 

Also on the second floor, two juried shows:  Art in Clay and Un-Inhibited. 

While ceramics have been used for both practical and aesthetic reasons for thousands of years, the medium has experienced an amazing renaissance among artists in the past decade.  Art in Clay explores ceramics, evolved from their utilitarian roots and reinvented by regional artists as exciting, innovative contemporary art.  Juried by the Museum of Art and Design’s Chief Curator, David R. McFadden, it is a stunning show of 50+ pieces.

Un-Inhibited is BWAC’s first international show.  It’s a celebration of uninhibited creativity and technology.  What could be more global than communication through smart phones or other smart devices?  Artists have been invited to communicate through imagery created with the touch of a button and scads of ingenuity. 250 works will be displayed on large screens, plus an exhibition of the printed versions of the prize winners.



July 27 - August 18, 2013  ' scapes

“In Red Hook, gaze out onto a spectacular seascape from a cityscape with an industrial aesthetic, yet a small town feel.  This is the only point on dry land where Lady Liberty will look back at you.   Turn and enter a Civil War era warehouse – home of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.” This is where this summer’s exhibition: ‘scapes, took place from July 27 to August 18.

Landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, dreamscapes, whatever - escapes from the imaginations of over 200 artists - more than 1000 pieces – were exhibited in BWAC’s  unique and iconic 25,000 square foot gallery space. 

The exhibit opened on Saturday, July 27th with an all-day Meet the Artists reception, an opportunity for visitors to meet and chat with the exhibiting artists. Throughout the day, the young New York based Wayne Tucker Quintet performed a variety of jazz standards as well as some of trumpet player Tucker’s original compositions.

BWAC’s newly rebuilt (post-Sandy) gallery and its exhibit of paintings, sculptures and installations created its own indoor ‘scape, the perfect complement to sultry summer afternoons.  Sunday concerts started at 3PM (for the full performance calendar click here). The location in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with its harbor view, trendy boutiques, and restaurants galore, was ideal -- down the block from IKEA and across from the Fairway supermarket, newly reopened after Sandy, its new water taxi service bringing many visitors.


       'scapes thymbnails
May 11-June16, 2013  Wide Open 4 and  On the Waterfront

Hurricane Sandy may have set them back a few of months, but the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s Red Hook waterfront galleries opened May 11th, bigger and better than ever with two new shows – Wide Open 4  and On the Waterfront
Zone A.

Wide Open, usually held in March, was forced to delay its opening by the devastation the storm caused.  The 25,000 square foot exhibition space on the pier in Red Hook was completely hammered - with water bursting in from both the bay and canal sides.  Walls that had exhibited the work of five thousand artists over the past 20 years crumbled when NY harbor surged into the entire ground floor damaging or destroying everything up to about 5 feet high.

This was BWAC’s fourth annual national juried art show, once again with a world-class juror, Carrie Springer, senior curatorial assistant, Whitney Museum of American Art. 

At the opening ceremony on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 3:00PM a $1000 award for Best in Show was selected and presented by Springer.  Additional prizes were the People’s Choice Award of $500, the Curator’s Award of $250, and $100 “best” awards in each of eleven categories. Click here for the winners.


Opening concurrently with Wide Open 4 was On the Waterfront Zone A, BWAC’s 21st annual spring pier show. The waterfront took on new meaning in the wake of Superstorm Sandy (that’s when Zone A was added to the title). More than 200 artists exhibited works in every medium, from the traditional to the cutting edge.  Special events were planned for every day of the show – including the Sunday acoustic performance series, UnPlugged in Red Hook, professional development classes, as well as Readings in Red Hook (May 19) - featuring local authors, on their Sandy experiences.

September 22 - October 21, 2012  Coming to Brooklyn

In 2012's fall show, "Coming to Brooklyn" over 200 artists expressed themselves on the theme through painting, sculpture, photography, installation and assemblage, and some wrote narratives showing what this experience of arrival meant to them.

The two Featured Artists of the show, Janet Rothholz (right) and Stephanie Schmidt (below), both Brooklyn based artists, offered strikingly different and equally stimulating approaches to their art and quest for self-expression, inviting the viewer to engage in a thoughtful and visually forceful journey though contrasts and similarities, memory and nostalgia, past and present — all things which we find when we come to Brooklyn.

Special events were planned for every day of the show, and auction sales were brisk. The all-day Meet the Artists reception featured music by The Stefan Bauer Experience, with jazz vibraphonist Stefan Bauer and the French bassist Francois Moutin. Click here for the full calendar of events.



July 25 -August 19, 2012  

BWAC's summer show, Color, proved to be a stunning exhibition, and we are grateful to the installation team and everyone who applied.

The show Chairs were Fritz Weiss and Terry Urban. The juror for the ground floor gallery's national competition was Brooke Kamin Rapaport, who wrote in her statement:

"There is an assortment of abstract painting, some referencing color theory and much of it looking nostalgically to 1950s and 1960s modernist canvases. There are great swaths of color in these installations, sculpture, paintings and photographs."

Congratulations to the prize winners (thumbnails, right). Click here to visit the winners up close and here to revisit the show in its entirety.


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The second floors' two galleries were filled with over 600 works from regional artists carried on the theme. All media, large and small,
were represented. The fund-raising auction was a success for collector and BWAC where many tasty bargains were snapped up.
View auction winners here.

Every day had something special taking place: live concerts on Opening Day and every Sunday, free classes in Adobe Illustrator and figure
drawing with live models on Saturday.  A good time was had by all, and the new ceiling fans were appreciated.

May 13 - June 17, 2012
  Celebrate 20

Banner for Wide Open 3

This year's celebration of summer began with Celebrate 20, marking twenty consecutive years of exhibitions in BWAC's magnificent venue, a 25,000 square foot Civil War era building, poised on the tip of Red Hook and overlooking New York Harbor.

The show was curated by Anna Annus Hagen, with the assistance of co-curator Terry Urban, and more than 200 artists exhibited 1000 works in every medium, from the traditional to the cutting edge. Go here for a calendar of the special events that took place every day of the show—including the Sunday acoustic performance series, UnPlugged in Red Hook; as well as free professional development classes in Photoshop and figurative drawing.

There was also a "Show within the Show" featuring a private collection of BWAC artists' work accumulated over the course of twenty years, and a Current and Past Curators' exhibition.

Wide Open 3, Best in Show


March 18 - April 1, 2012   Wide OpenBanner for Wide Open 3

BWAC's third annual national juried art show, Wide Open 3, opened on March 18, 2012 in Red Hook, with a total of 134 works selected by eminent juror Charlotta Kotik, Curator Emerita of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Anna Annus Hagen was curator.

BWAC's massive Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront in Brooklyn, NY welcomed its throng of visitors with open arms, and awards to artists were presented in fifteen categories (for more, go to "Featured Artists"), and Ekaterina Smirnova's massive watercolor "Arrival of a Train" (right), was awarded Best in Show. For a complete gallery of the works included in this stunning exhibition, click here.

Wide Open 3, Best in Show


Sept 17 - Oct 16, 2011  Tales of Breukelen

In our 2011 Fall Group Art Show, Tales of Breukelen, more than 300 artists exhibited more than 1,200 pieces in all media. The show included a special September 11 commemoration, scenes of Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Watercolor Society, and work from Featured Artists including photographer Richard Capuozzo, printmaker Richard Lubell, and wood sculptor Zane Treimanis.

Tales was a narrative show. Most artists included a written narrative as part of their presentation - a statement, a poem or book, one word or one page. Says Fritz Weiss, who, along with Bill and Linda Storoniak, was one of the show's co-chairs, "Once a Dutch colony, once a city, ever since a melting pot with waves of immigrants that still to this day are settling in Breukelen creating their own mini colonies and adding to the rich history, culture and flavors of this major city within a city. This show is the visual history, stories and tales of the people that made Breukelen one of the must places to live in and visit in the world." Click here for the performance calendar!


July 16 - August 21, 2011  Black and White Summer Art Show

The theme of this summer's show was Black and White. We bathe in the beauty of color and spin thousands of words describing the experience that the cone cells transmit to our brain. In reality, they are not nearly as numerous as our rods, the cells that register light and dark, the black and white of our experience. Our rods are less articulated in language; fewer words are generated to describe that experience. Black and white is primal, the underneath, the foundation, of the opulence of color; black and white is where we register motion and, when the cones do not have sufficient light, our rods optimize our survival in the night woods.

In BWAC's 2011 summer show, we explored this underground of survival and few words.

[Black and White banner image courtesy of artist Julia Elsas - see her work at juliaelsas.com.]


May 7 - June 12, 2011  Convergence in Red Hook

Convergence in Red Hook, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition's Spring Pier Art Show, exhibited 1000 pieces of new art in all media. The show's co-chairs, Anna Hagen and Therese Urban, created an exciting exhibition of new techniques, reinterpretations and innovative collaborations between diverse artists.

Opening day festivities included a Meet the Artists reception, with live music by Scott Fagan and The MAAC Island Band.

A series of live acoustic musical performances of all genres, BWAC's popular "UnPlugged in Red Hook" sessions took place every Sunday at 3PM during the run of the show. Click here for the performance calendar!


March 12 - March 27, 2011  Wide Open 2

Wide Open is a juried show, receiving close to 1600 entries annually, of which only ten percent are accepted for exhibition. The works represent a diverse range of outstanding, contemporary artwork. The generous proportions of our gallery space enable the exhibition of wall pieces, sculptures and installations of a scale not often found in other shows. As well as work of monumental dimensions, there are many smaller works and an Affordable Art wall, where all pieces are priced at $1000 and under.

This year, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition was again fortunate to be joined by a prestigious juror. Nat Trotman is Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, where he has worked on the exhibitions of David Smith, Richard Serra, Constantin Brancusi and Matthew Barney. He recently co-curated the exhibition Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance and curated the current exhibition, Found in Translation.

Said Trotman, "In reviewing the many entries for Wide Open 2, I was consistently impressed with the variety and quality of the works. I was struck in particular by a sort of fervent surrealism that repeatedly appeared across all the mediums submitted. Many works mixed obvious concerns about the war in Iraq, the state of the economy, and other contemporary issues with colorful, often humorous, otherworldly visions. These scenes, together with a rich selection of abstract work and strong installation pieces, should make for a powerful and compelling exhibition."

At the ceremony on March 12, 3PM, 11 prizes were awarded in various categories as well as the Juror's and Curators' Best in Show awards.

Sep 25 - Oct 31, 2010  Lineage

On September 25th, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition opened its gates to LINEAGE, its 2010 Fall Group Art Show. Three hundred artists exhibited 1200 works in all media, including those of Featured Artist, Anujan Ezhikode.

LINEAGE is a narrative show. Says Paula Jeanine Bennett, who, along with Anna Hagen and Zane Treimanis, was one on the show's co-chairs, "It is an opportunity for artists to explore the source and metamorphosis of their creative journey and/or discipline; to honor their personal artistic inheritance and its change and its continuity." Most artists presented a written narrative alongside their artwork.

Opening day's Meet the Artist all day reception featured live music by Richard Bennett (piano and compositions) joined by Naren Budhakar (table), Arun Ramamurthy (carnatic violin) and Gaku Takanashi (bass) playing original explorations of ragas, blues forms and moods from New Delhi to New Orleans. Scheduled for each Sunday were UnPlugged in Red Hook acoustic performances including concerts by Red Orange Morning, Binary Marketing Show and Jigsaw Soul. Other special events include Lineage at the Brooklyn Museum with BMA docent, Fortunata Schiano, and a Nuyorican poetry reading. For all of the wonderful events we hosted during the show, see the Lineage performance calendar (PDF).

July 17 - Aug 2, 2010  Red Hooked

BWAC's 2010 Summer Show at the Pier is named for the triangle of Brooklyn that is its home. Red Hook, a historically working-class, waterfront neighborhood facing the Statue of Liberty and isolated from the rest of the borough by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, lagged for many years behind its rapidly-gentrifiying neighbors. In recent years Red Hook has emerged as a new locus of urban development. To be Red Hooked is to look at the always incomplete and contradictory nature of change - it is to embrace with open arms both what is gained and what is lost in any process of development.

In our show, artists were not required to present work on a particular topic, but many artists chose to address this theme - both concretely and metaphorically.

Take a look at the Red Hooked performance calendar, or check out a review of the exhibition in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle: BWAC's Summer Art Show Dazzles!

May 8-June 13, 2010  Nailed

Click on control buttons above to preview Nailed show.

Click here to see what TimeOut New York has to say about our current exhibition, Nailed.

March, 2010 Wide Open
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Pier Show 16 - Spring Ahead - Red Hook Pier

Jul 20 - Sep 7

26th Outdoor Sculpture Show - Relative Environment

Jul 12
TimeOut NY hosts 2nd Saturday at BWAC

Jul 26 - Aug 17 Summer Show - HOT! - Red Hook Pier

Sep 13
TimeOut NY hosts 2nd Saturday at BWAC
Sep 13 - Oct 26 Group Art Show - Free Fall - Red Hook Pier