Damon Hamm

My practice weaves between art and science, each of my sculptures an experiment in visualizing the process of its making. For smaller works, I start with a simple concept like ‘freeze a sound in space’, ‘peel a rectangle of steel like an orange’, or ‘cut the straightest line I can freehand and illuminate my errors’. For public works, each sculpture is influenced by the environment; sunlight, shadow, vegetation, and people – the factors that affect the experience over a single day and throughout an entire year. Once the rules are defined and the process is set in motion, the end result is always a surprise.

An obvious influence on my work stems from my childhood growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I spent my day’s urban spelunking through the decaying spires and rotting hulks of abandoned steel mills. Many years later the influences of my steel town roots began to make their way into my artwork and continue today.

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