Faith Gabel-Simmons

I have always been involved in the arts. I am a published poet, made mosaic dining room walls, done interior design and taught modern dance. Along the way I taught myself Photoshop and began designing at work. I made friends with a number of artists and was encouraged by them to also try painting. When I finally did, acrylic painting just seemed like a totally natural endeavor for me. After producing a significant number of works, I joined the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition in Red Hook, Brooklyn and have had much of my work exhibited and sold at the BWAC Pier site, as well as at other venues. Over the last few years, I’ve also created a line of note cards, delved into mixed media with ink, magic marker and fabrics and also created illustrations both on paper and canvas.

When people ask me where I get the time to produce all this art, my answer is always that without making art I wouldn’t be able to accomplish other things in my life. Art keeps me whole and moving forward. There is no question whether I have the time; without art I would have no life. The only question for me today is what type of art am I producing.


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