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Exhibit Your Artwork at BWAC
Everyone making art should be able to present it to the public. BWAC makes this possible. To download the Exhibiting Artist's application click here for .doc format, and here for .pdf format. As a BWAC artist, you will be able to...

Become a part of our community
The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is an organization seeking to empower living artists, run with dedication and passion by the artists themselves. We are a community of emerging and established painters, sculptors, photographers and musicians with energy and spirit, and we'd love to have you on board.

Exhibit and sell your work
Participating at BWAC gives you the opportunity to show your work in a large, distinctive Civil-War era space in artist-mecca Brooklyn - to an audience of more than 15,000 visitors each year. Come be a part of our more than $100,000 in annual art sales!

Learn, teach, be inspired
As an Exhibiting Artist, you can attend free workshops and seminars on topics as varied as the latest digital photo editing tools, how to effectively sell your own work, and framing/hanging your art, or you can organize your own workshop to share what you know with other exhibitors.

Expand your web presence
You will also receive your own mini-webpage affiliated with BWAC (such as Artists are profiled regularly on our website, and being part of our exhibitions means potential mentions in show reviews. Your mini-website can link to your main site and/or dealers' sites, have your resume as well as up to 50 images.

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